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Nancy Bocken, Laura Niessen & Circular X advisory group member Arnold Tukker publish a new book chapter in the Palgrave Handbook of Global Sustainability. Read on for a quick summary.

A new collaboration between Circular X's Nancy Bocken and Laura Niessen, and advisory group member Arnold Tukker has led to publication on the "Impacts of Sustainable Consumption". Here is a quick summary of the main themes:

  • Environmental impact can be calculated based on consumption-, production-, and income-based environmental accounting
  • When using consumption-based accounting, at least 70% of the environmental footprint can be attributed to food, housing, the use of appliances, and transport
  • Total consumption of consumer goods such as electronics is only on the rise, while product lifetimes are decreasing
  • Business can have an important role in driving sustainable consumption through strategies such as Rethink, Reduce, Refuse, but also Less clutter, Less speed and Less distance.  These strategies have been brought together in a Business for Sufficiency framework (see
  • Based on earlier work we describe ‘sufficiency' as a potential viable approach for business and consumers
  • Drawing on examples from literature and practice, we map a range of viable business strategies for sufficiency for food, housing, the use of appliances, and transport

The new book chapter can be found here, and is accessible for free here.

The Palgrave Handbook of Global Sustainability including all chapters can be found here.

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