This page shows popular science contributions from the Circular X project. The Circular X team aims to create content for all audiences to spread the word about circular business experimentation and sustainability.


Policy brief on circular economy - 01 January 2024

Nancy Bocken, Laura Niessen, and Ankita Das contributed to a special collection of policy briefs by Studio Europa Maastricht that explore the objectives of the creation of a European circular economy. Their article (Chapter 6) talks about the role of business in the circular economy with a focus on sufficiency and regeneration.

See the full policy brief document here !


Podcast on Greenwashing, Sustainable Business & Carbon Tunnel Vision - 20 January 2022

Jan Konietzko participated in the Out of the Blue podcast with TU Delft researchers. In the podcast they chat about the roles companies, governments, and NGOs have to play in the sustainability transition. They explore questions such as: When is an organisation greenwashing and when are they actually committed to a sustainable future? And what is the role of design in organisations trying to make a difference?

Listen to it on iTunes, Spotify or on the TU Delft website.



Podcast on Adventures in Sustainable Business - 14 January 2022

Nancy Bocken participated in a podcast on 14th January 2022, with Profs. Sveinung Jorgensen & Lars Pedersen from the Norwegian School of Economics. They chatted about patterns of unsustainability in different sectors of the economy, the role of experimentation in sustainability innovation, whether ice cream should be considered a necessary product, whether we need a new understanding of the economy à la Raworths Doughnut Economics and why the Netherlands is such a hotspot for circular business.

The podcast can be listened to for free here!



Interview on Circular Service Business Models - Journal of Business, Ethics & Society - 28 September 2021

Nancy Bocken was interviewed by Adiel Aguiling from the Journal of Business, Ethics & Society (Vol. 1, Issue 2). In this interview, Dr. Bocken explains the four key strategies of a circular economy, how these strategies link to the ethical aspect of doing business, and concomitantly how these strategies lead to profitability. She talks about examples of unsustainable business models, and explains the creation of sustainable value at the different stages of a business and at different levels in the organization

The interview is freely available to read here.

The link to the full issue can be found here.


Podcast on Circular Economy - Pakhuis de Zwijger - 15 April 2021

Nancy Bocken spoke to Annick van Rinsum from Pakhuis de Zwijger on Circular Economy. They talk about how businesses can deploy different strategies to become circular, changing economics to take the environment and longer-term considerations into account, and about Nancy's own experience as a circular entrepreneur.

Catch the podcast (in English) here!


Podcast on City-as-a-service - ABN AMRO Bank's Bestemming 2032- 1 April 2021

Nancy Bocken participated in a podcast on the future city - city-as-a-service. The podcast is a part of ABN AMRO Bank's 'Destination 2032: Pioneers of the new world', where journalist Anic van Damme talks to inspiring experts and entrepreneurs who are thinking about making a circular future, a reality.

Listen to the podcast here (in Dutch).


New Business Models in the Circular Economy - Studium Generale Lecture Series, Maastricht University - 24th February 2021

What is a circular economy? What are the different circular business model strategies? How can they be scaled? Does circular automatically equal sustainable? Prof. Nancy Bocken discusses some potential solutions in the Studium Generale lecture series at Maastricht University.

Download/see the lecture here. 


Circularity as the new normal – Future fitting Swiss businesses

How will investing in the Circular Economy transform the way we do business? Learn more in this report co-written by Prof. Nancy Bocken on “Circularity as the new normal – Future fitting Swiss business strategies” in collaboration with WWF and PwC.

The report and the webinar launch are available here.


Sustainable Business Models and the Circular Economy: Initial findings from the project - Trinity Business Ethics Speaker Series, Trinity College Dublin - 18th February 2021

Prof. Nancy Bocken recently participated in the Trinity Business Ethics Speaker Series at Trinity College Dublin. She spoke about sustainable business models and the circular economy, and shared some initial findings from the Circular X project.

Watch it here.