This page shows popular science contributions from the Circular X project. While the project is in its early stages, relevant contributions made already before the official project start are also added below.



New Business Models in the Circular Economy - Studium Generale Lecture Series, Maastricht University - 24th February 2021

What is a circular economy? What are the different circular business model strategies? How can they be scaled? Does circular automatically equal sustainable? Prof. Nancy Bocken discusses some potential solutions in the Studium Generale lecture series at Maastricht University.

Download/see the lecture here. 



Circularity as the new normal – Future fitting Swiss businesses

How will investing in the Circular Economy transform the way we do business? Learn more in this report co-written by Prof. Nancy Bocken on “Circularity as the new normal – Future fitting Swiss business strategies” in collaboration with WWF and PwC.

The report and the webinar launch are available here.


Sustainable Business Models and the Circular Economy: Initial findings from the project - Trinity Business Ethics Speaker Series, Trinity College Dublin - 18th February 2021

Prof. Nancy Bocken recently participated in the Trinity Business Ethics Speaker Series at Trinity College Dublin. She spoke about sustainable business models and the circular economy, and shared some initial findings from the Circular X project.

Watch it here.