The circular collaboration canvas is used within a workshop setting. It is a poster template that gets users to think in detail upon a circular value proposition.

The canvas guides users through key topics by asking trigger questions that create discussion and ideation upon the challenge at hand, the resources the team has and needs, who the customer or users of the solution might be, and crucially which partners can aid and bring value to the circular innovation to support a viable circular proposition.

The canvas challenges users to identify value for potential partners and challenges within the circular idea. This aids the quick identification of knowledge gaps, assumptions and required actions to improve the desirability, feasibility and viability of a circular value proposition by bringing in an early focus on partners within the ideation process.

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The Boundary Tool

The Boundary Tool is a process tool that helps businesses engage in multi-stakeholder collaboration for circular business model innovation by focusing on complementarities and mismatches in stakeholders’ identities, relations, competences and activities.


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No matter how many ideas you have for a new circular business, in order to make an impact, these ideas must be implemented. Doing this is challenging because a circular business aims to generate economic, environmental (and social) value simultaneously, through the collaboration of multiple stakeholders who…