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Ankita Das, Jan Konietzko & Nancy Bocken have published a new article on how companies measure and forecast environmental impact when experimenting with new circular business models.

Ankita Das (Circular X PhD), Jan Konietzko & Nancy Bocken recently published an article in the Journal of Sustainable Production & Consumption. In this paper, they attempt to understand how companies measure and forecast environmental impact as they experiment with new types of business models, and the barriers they face in doing so. Some of the overarching findings were:

  • The true extent of positive impact of circular business models remains uncertain for many participants.
  • The most popular environmental impact measurement method was rules of thumb, followed by life-cycle assessment (LCA) or LCA-based tools (see Fig. 3 for a more detailed overview).
  • A lack of data, increased uncertainty during experimentation and a lack of knowledge are common barriers that keep the participants from measuring environmental impacts.

The full-text article is available to read (open access) here.

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