Wim van Opstal has joined the Circular X team as an external PhD mainly based at the Belgian research organisation VITO. Wim's research focuses on the social impact of the circular economy.

Wim van Opstal is a PhD researcher in circular business models. He is an external researcher based at VITO (Belgium). With a background in commercial studies and economics, his research focuses on the development and evaluation of circular business models and enabling ecosystems. His work on circular economy covers a broad spectrum of applications (solar photovoltaics, smart grids, fashion, polymers, manufacturing, waste incineration) and organizational forms (startups, work integration social enterprises, cooperatives, the informal economy). He is particularly interested in corporate governance, value chain alignment, and the social and redistributive impact of a circular transition. Before joining VITO, his main research area was social and cooperative entrepreneurship.

Welcome and glad to have you on the team, Wim!