Hannah Lou Kings started her PhD on circular business models and ecosystems in the Built Environment. She will be part of the DRASTIC EU Horizon project.

Hannah Lou Kings has started her PhD trajectory to research circular business models and ecosystems in the Built Environment. Before, she completed an M.Sc. in Sustainability Science, Policy and Society at Maastricht University. In her Master's, she focused on the impact of alternative building practices to reduce embodied and operational energy, the repurposing of waste, bio-based materials and circular construction as well as reduced life-cycle costs in the Built Environment. In her previous research, Hannah Lou looked at the socio-economic impact of an alternatively built environment. She explored the socio-anthropological obstacles and benefits for the end consumer to chose alternative instead of conventional building practices, particularly regarding material choice. 

With her PhD position at DRASTIC, she joins the EU Horizon project which intends, amongst more, to unwrap the untapped potential of STEEP (social, economic, environmental and technological) factors in the built environment to decarbonize the global economy. Hannah Lou will be co-supervised by Veronique Vasseur and Nancy Bocken.

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