Past LIVE - The Road to Flourishing game session

How do businesses produce and sell in a circular economy? What do sustainable business models look like? What are frontrunners doing for sustainability and what can my business do? If you have questions like these, join our interactive game session on 12th or 14th March 2024.

Mar 12 2024

Past Week of the Circular Economy - live workshop

Workshop on "Circular strategies, design and business models": Companies want to innovate for sustainability/circularity, but internal projects often falter. This session helps to address organizational design issues to increase the chance of success with developing and launching new, sustainable/circular…

Feb 08 2023

Past Circularity Deck Experimentation Workshop

Circular X is conducting a workshop using the Circularity Deck tool at the Dutch Circulaire Economie Week. The workshop makes the first steps of generating circular ideas, and learning how to test them easy. The session is online & free to attend! Read more to learn how to register!

Feb 10 2022