Join us for an illuminating online workshop on the Circular Economy (CE), a vision of a world with minimal waste and maximized resource efficiency.


Date: 06/11/2023
Time: 11:00 CEST/GMT+1 (Amsterdam time)
Location: Online

This event is your gateway to CE's transformative power, with expert input from:

  • Lorna James (Project leader Marketing and Supply Chain Management, Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (BISCI), Netherlands),
  • Emilia Califano (Policy Officer Economy & Innovation, Province of Limburg, Netherlands),
  • Laura Niessen & Deanna Han from Circular X.


  • Sustainability & CE: Explore the core principles linking sustainability and CE.
  • Circular supply chains: Understand the principles and its applications.
  • Circular economy as a policy strategy
  • Circularity in the Global South : Understand CE's global relevance, particularly in diverse regions.
  • Interactive Quiz: Test your CE knowledge in a fun and engaging quiz.

This workshop is a unique opportunity to embrace sustainability, community engagement, and the CE paradigm. It is organised by the Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) YUFERING programme.

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Unfortunately the event has passed, but do keep an eye on our future events.