October's Circular X Team Meeting was a full-house with many of our team members attending in person at Maastricht Sustainability Institute, Maastricht University. Pictured from left to right are: Dr. Myrthe Velter, CX Postdoc; Marco van Hees, External PhD; Prof. Dr. Nancy Bocken, CX Project Lead; Ankita Das, CX PhD Researcher; Zuzana Prochazkova, Visiting PhD; Alexa Böckel, Visiting PhD; Laura Niessen, CX PhD Researcher; Deanna Han, CX PhD Researcher; Roger Nyffenegger, External PhD.

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Welcome Julia!

Julia Smid joined Circular X in November to start a PhD on circular business models and value chains for renewable energy wind turbine.

Nov 24 2022

Welcome Marco!

Marco van Hees has joined the Circular X team as a PhD researcher on upcycling strategies and circular business models in the furniture and interior design industry.

Nov 18 2022