PhD Researcher Zuzana Prochazkova joins us from the International University of Catalonia

Zuzana is doing an Industrial PhD with the International University of Catalonia (UIC), and Pich Architects in Barcelona, Spain. The wider topic of her PhD research is implementation of circular business models to construction products and systems. More specifically, she studies how product service system business model could positively influence the market uptake of more complex digitally controlable systems, such as mobile solar shading.

The main objective is to prolong the use of the construction products and keep them in the loop, which is why she also studies the relation between the resource efficiency strategies and the business models. Her background is architecture and innovation, and therefore she is very interested in collaborating with Prof. Dr. Nancy Bocken and the Circular X team, as they are focused on the economic part of this topic and have developed a solid background and structure for the circular business model research.
Apart of her PhD, she works as an architect responsible for the R&D department of Pich Architects, as volunteer in the Slovak NGO Repairably, certification of repairable products, starting a 3D scanning company, and overall is interested in innovation and sustainability in the field of architecture and industrial design.

Welcome Zuzana! We are excited to have you :)

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