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The second Dutch Circular Economy Network meeting was hosted at Maastricht University with inspiring keynotes and interesting discussions about the future of the circular economy.

On 17th May, the Circular X team hosted the 2nd Dutch Circular Economy network meeting at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. Organised by Ernst Worrell from Utrecht University and Circular X's Prof. Dr. Nancy Bocken, the event saw inspiring keynotes on:

  • Resources and the physical limitations of the CE (by Ester van der Voet)
  • The opportunities created by public-private partnerships (by Nancy Bocken)
  • How the circular economy can promote social advances (by Lis Suarez Visbal)

The attendees had thought-provoking discussions on the limitations of the circular economy and how to overcome them, as well as what the future of circularity should look like.

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