Team Circular X won the Team Science award this year at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics!

Great work by the core team including Laura Niessen, Ankita Das, Deanna Han, Marc Dijk and Jan Konietzko for pushing exciting themes like regeneration, sufficiency, rebound effects and scaling up circularity in business. Also very excited to work on new themes like the social side of the circular economy (Wim Van Opstal & Melanie Valencia), circularity of renewables (Julia Gabriela Smid & Roger Nyffenegger) and extending the work on business for regeneration (Kirsi Salonen & Paavo Ritala).

We were joined by great visiting collaborators such as Kaisa Vehmas, Vafa Järnefelt, Sam Short, Rasika Ganame, Matthew Coffay, Brian Baldassarre, Zuzana Prochazkova and Alexa Böckel!

2023 brought many new collaborations, great new studies, tools, methods and new insights to help advance the Circular Economy transition.

The Circular X project also got extended till at least 2026 so we can continue to work on circular economy and how to experiment and scale up the transition together!