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in August 2023 Nancy Bocken visited the Academy of Management Conference in Boston to meet with colleagues and start case research on the US.

The annual Academy of Management conference is the largest management conference in the world. It also featured important topics such as circular business innovation and regeneration as a business strategy, topics close to Circular X' heart.

At the conference, the paper "Frame it till you make it: entrepreneurial framing for partnership in the circular economy" was presented, a collaboration between Circular X visiting researcher Alexa Böckel, Steffen Farny (Leuphany University) and Nancy Bocken of Circular X. There was time to catch up with co-authors like Prof Chris Tucci (picture), co-editor of the Special Issue on "Business Model Innovation Design: Deploying Strategic Entrepreneurship to Address Grand Challenges". There was also time to discuss ongoing work on scaling up impact with Prof Yuliya Snihur, collaborator on a research agenda for business model innovation research and work on the lean startup to innovate for novelty and impact. 

We also met with Paavo Ritala - co-author on many joint papers like the one on Six ways to build circular business models and special issue co-editor of "Between Circular Paralysis and Utopia" - with whom we just started a joint supervised PhD project on regenerative business. Watch this space. 

Finally, there was time for case research to investigate the circular business strategies in the US. More to follow on this! 

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