The Circular Experimentation Workbench was developed by Nancy Bocken and Matthew Coffay to help develop circular business experiments rapidly.

The Circular Experimentation Workbench aims to help you as an innovator or entrepreneur identify new ideas to experiment with circular business model innovation and challenge your existing business ideas. It has been designed and tested to get you familiar with some key concepts of the circular economy and business experimentation. You can download the template in Miro for free to run it as a 1.5 - 2.5 hour workshop. The journal paper on the tool can be downloaded here




More tools

The Circular Rebound Tool

The Circular Rebound Tool was developed to guide business innovators towards lower the environmental impacts of their circular business models by preventing rebound effects.


Sustainable By Design

Sustainable By Design is a tool developed by Matthew Coffay and Nancy Bocken to help companies succeed with sustainable business model innovation.