The MORSE Initiative at Maastricht University was launched on 25th October 2021.

MORSE is the acronym for: Maastricht Observatory on Resilient, Responsible & Sustainable Enterprise and Economy. MORSE is an initiative set up by Maastricht University to mobilise researchers to tackle the challenge of building more responsible, resilient and sustainable societies, enterprises and economies. The MORSE program leads are Prof René Kemp (picture) and Prof. Mark Sanders. Nancy Bocken gave a talk on the sub theme of circular business models. More information about MORSE can be found here

Prof. René Kemp and Prof. Nancy Bocken are Circular X collaborators.

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Back at the office!

It's a full house at the office today, as the Covid-19 restrictions are eased after 2 months! We're working away & keeping cosy as it thunderstorms outside in Maastricht :)

Feb 24 2022