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Nancy BockenMatthew Coffay, Sveinung Jørgensen, and Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen ran a Circular Business Experimentation lab for the kick-off of project OPPSIRK on reuse of steel in the ship industry. One of the key aims of Circular X is to help accelerate the uptake of circular service business models in practice, supported by the use of tools and methods developed through collaborative research. The Circular Business Experimentation lab approach supports this purpose.

OPPSIRK (Upcycling of Maritime Steel) is a 3-year research project funded by the Norwegian Research Council (Norges forskningsråd) which aims to develop a new circular value chain for upcycling steel from shipping and oil into the construction sector. The project brings together more than 20 organizations into a broad consortium representing all parts of the value chain, including some of Norway’s biggest companies (Equinor, DNB, Statsbygg, Skanska, AF Offshore Decom and others) and leading research institutions (Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), SINTEF). The Centre for Sustainable Business // CSB NHH is leading a work package that focuses on creating a new circular business ecosystem in which companies can succeed with developing and scaling circular business models.

During the circular business experimentation lab, a circular ecosystem vision was built in groups of the project bringing together different stakeholder perspectives on the topic of steel reuse. This was done using the new and evolving Circular Ecosystem Canvas (based on the Circular Collaboration Canvas by Dr Phil Brown and colleagues). In the afternoon Nordic Circles hosted a big event with over 200 participants from industry and beyond to broaden the discussion with several speakers from academic and industry.

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